Saturday, 8 March 2014

How to create a WiFi Hotspot in Windows 7/8/8.1/10

It seems like Microsoft is downgrading in some of it's facilities through it's new releases. Windows 7 had excellent features with user friendliness. As a gamer, we hunt for the Operating Systems, in which it is simple to create LAN connection between different workstations. One can also say, if there was an Operating System, which didn't had any eye-catching graphics, and just provided a one click LAN connection facility, we would prefer that one first #gaming_mind ;-) .

 Coming back to the world of Windows, there is a serious flaw or you can say, drawback in the newly launched Operating Systems 8 and 8.1, by Windows. We can't create a WiFi Ad Hoc Access Point in these Systems. As, nothing is impossible in this world, I have come up with a solution to this problem too. There are various third party softwares, such asVirtual Router, are available. But, I would rather suggest you to follow a simple way, rather than downloading that stuff. Just follow some simple steps and you are done.

  • open command prompt with administrator rights, by selecting 'Run as Administrator' by after a right click on the app. Or you can also press Windows key + 'X' + 'A' to open the command prompt with admin rights.

  • Firstly, you need to check whether required hardware and drivers are available in your system or not. To do so, type 'netsh wlan show drivers' in the command prompt and press Enter. Check whether, the 'Hosted Network Supported' field has 'Yes'. If it is 'No', then you need to upgrader your drivers or Hardware.
  • Now, type the following command and press Enter -
    ' netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=AdHoc key=password'
    Note - Here you can use your own name instead of 'AdHoc' and set your own password. But, make sure you don't use blank space in between the name. Example - 'Ad Hoc' will not be allowed. And also, the password should contain atleast 8 characters.
  • Now, to start the AdHoc, type the following command -
    'netsh wlan start hostednetwork'
    Note - Before typing this command, make sure that the WiFi of you Machine is turned On.
  • Now, goto Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center and select the tab ' Change adapter settings '
  • Right click on WiFi and select properties.
  • Navigate to Sharing tab, and select both the options of Internet Connection Sharing.

Now, you can connect as many devices, you want, through WiFi to this computer. And I can assume that you would have already known, how to turn off the Ad Hoc. If not, write in the comments part, i'll let you know.

- Vish


  1. Replies
    1. Type "netsh wlan stop hostednetwork" to stop it

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  3. I found a software to connect as well as create adhoc network in any windows os ..

    Hope u solved your problem ..

    Its working 100%

  4. Anyway, stupid site deleted my comment cos I hadn't signed in.... On a Surface Pro 3, win 8.1, I am trying to make a named ad-hoc, no internet needed, I just need it to be the right name, open authentication, in order to direct connect to a WiFi "security" camera while I am out and about. -just realised how creepy that sounds. For perspective, it is for a raingauge exposure image, a 360 degree shot of the sky above my sites. All the steps above work until I try to start the network, then it says some things not working correctly, nothing I do seems to fix that.

    1. @MICAHANDPENNY DODGE Make sure your Wifi is turned ON before you start this procedure