Friday, 28 December 2012

How to connect Windows XP to 7/8 through LAN using an RJ-45 connector cable..?

Recently, i played Need For Speed Most Wanted in a LAN mode. I faced a lot of difficulty in making up the connection. But, i knew the exact way to establish the connection.

Lets start making the connection -
  •  Turn on both the machines ( in my case,i used desktop with XP and LAPTOP with 7 )
  • Connect the machines via cable
  • It would show limited connectivity in XP & 7 would say it as unidentified network.
    This is because sometimes the IPs of the PCs may be identical, leading to duplicate IP addresses in the network
  • Firstly, you need to decide, which machine you want to make as server. You should choose that machine which has comparably good performance.
  • In my case, i choose desktop (XP). Goto Network Connections and select properties ( right click appropriate network and then select properties ). By default, following window appears

  • Select properties of 'Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)'

  • select 'Use the following IP address' and enter details as following window and its done for XP machine

  • For Windows 7, Goto Network and sharing centre
  • Select your network(it may be unidentified network) and goto lan connection, following window will appear.
  • click on properties button,and following window will appear.
  • scroll for IPv4 and click on properties.

  • Then enter details as follows.

 Its done.The computers are connected..!!!
Note - for multiple computers(using a switch or a hub), while configuring network IP addresses, on third position write the significant numbers 3,4,5,etc.

Example - For third computer, in the IP address field, write and other fields should be kept same.

My opinion - I would prefer router, in place of switch/hub, as it is a smarter device and assigns IP addresses itself to all nodes and maintains network intelligently.

- Vish


  1. Thank you, but I think I still have a problem, I did like what u suggested, I've set all the IP addresses, but on my win 7 it still says "Unidentified Network", I'll try to attach an image but I don't know if it'll appear, cause this is my first time attaching an image, here it goes...

    1. Firstly, chech whether the cable you are using, is a crossover cable..!!
      You should use crossover cable for connecting a computer to another computer or router, and for other devices, use the simple cat-5 /6 UTP cable.
      And use the exact static values for all the attributes, what i have used. Then try going to Network and Sharing Center, go for set up a new network connection by following the simple steps, which you night already know.
      According to me, then the connection should be done.

  2. Dear Sir, Very Very Thanks a lot your assistance & Service

  3. There is an error in windows xp internet protocol properties picture.
    Ip address may be but Default gateway must be
    please correct that picture.
    thank you

    1. All the pictures are perfect, as the connection is tested and everything is working fine.

  4. bhai i have also same type of machine but in my case i cant see any network on laptop

    1. It would be helpful if you could post some details, so that I can help you with the issue.

  5. It’s a nice post and I was looking for this information. This will be very helpful to me. So, thank you so much for it.

  6. can you help me as i want to connect acctv dvr usinga crossover cable as i cant connect a wire to my router but i can connect it thru my nearest pc which is win7 I did it once but the hub router lost it i am very very stressed i live in bad for crime area