Saturday, 8 June 2013

Owl City

The sweetest voice i have ever heard, is of Adam Young, the lead singer and founder of Owl City. Owl city was formed in 2007 Owatonna, Minnesota. In early times, Owl City didn't get much popularity, except somewhat in MySpace and some other social networking sites. But the release of its label debut album, Ocean Eyes changed owl city's fate. Especially, the song Fireflies gained worldwide popularity. It was a quadruple-platinum hit. This song helped Adam to gain worldwide popularity. Some other songs like Vanilla twilight, meteor shower, on the wing, etc.

Owl City has always been my favourite band. Whenever i feel sad, i listen Owl City's songs. They are calm and give a sigh of relief. That special music just attracts me to listen it. Here are my favourites(Top 5) from this band -

  1. Vanilla Twilight - Ocean Eyes
  2. Fireflies - Ocean Eyes
  3. The Saltwater Room - Ocean Eyes
  4. Hospital Flowers - All Things Bright and Beautiful
  5. On The Wing - Ocean Eyes
Owl City's latest release is 'The Midsummer Station', which was released in 2012. It also includes some really good songs. Good Time, Gold, Dreams don't turn to dust, Shooting Star, etc are some of them. Lastly, i will only say that, if you want to hear some real music, soft enough like cushions on ears, instruments playing with each other, Owl City is the best one.

- Vish


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